Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation often is accomplished through surgery to correct the support and tighten the muscles. The vaginal skin should not be tightened and this can cause pain with sex.

Why do vaginal changes occur?

The vagina is primarily affected by childbirth and hormonal changes. The passage of the baby through the vaginal canal tears the support tissues of the vagina. Often these heal but the damage is done. With the passage of time these will weaken causing the bladder or rectum to protrude into the vagina leading to loss of urine and other structural problems.

The transition into menopause causes the loss of estrogen stimulation of the vaginal wall. Further weakening the tissues and exacerbating loss of support.

Laser is a treatment of the support structure of the vagina. The treatment aims to stimulate collagen development and increase is blood flow thereby bringing increase moisture and thickness to the vaginal wall.

Laser treatment take 10 minutes.

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